Beadsmith Letter Stamp Set Chalkboard Uppercase 3mm


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Stamp names, words, messages and more with this alphabet punch set. Personalize pieces made of copper, silver, brass and more! 3mm (1/8 Inch) height characters. The set includes: 26 Letter punches (A through Z) 1 “&” Ampersand symbol. The pieces come in a deluxe canvas storage pouch with individually labeled slots to keep punches organized: find the punch you need quickly and easily.

Made of tempered steel for years of service, these sets are economical, compact, and extremely useful and fun! Punches are marked for easy letter orientation: Simply place a thumb on the side marked “Beadsmith” to ensure the stamped letter faces the correct way.

Measurements: Punches are 2 3/8″ in length. Character height for this set is 3mm (1/8 Inch).

Quantity: 1 Chalkboard UPPERCASE Set (contains 27 punches).

NOTE: Item weighs over one pound, so please review shipping costs before ordering. Always wear safety glasses when working with tools.

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