Beadsmith Letter Stamp Set Gothic Lowercase 1.5mm


A great way to personalise your jewellery and craft projects!

This set of 27 stamps includes letters A thru Z plus the “&” symbol.

Made from hardened steel, they are very durable. The stamps are approximately 2-3/8″ long and 7mm square. The stamps make an impression about 1.5mm tall.

The stamps are marked for easy orientation. Just grip them with your thumb on the side imprinted with “Beadsmith” and the punch will be facing the correct way.

The stamps can be used to stamp metal (copper, silver, brass etc), as well as clay, wood, plastic and leather. Work on a sturdy work table or bench. lay the metal to be stamped on a hard work surface such as a steel bench block. Hold the stamp with the decorative end in place on the work surface. Use a 1lb. or heavier hammer to strike the flat end of the stamp with a smooth, even force. To make your stamps crisp and clear make sure you are working on a sturdy table with no padding under your bench block.

Comes with a deluxe canvas storage pouch with individually labeled slots, keeping punches organized so you can find the punch you need quickly and easily.

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Weight 24 oz