Beginning Metalsmithing Basic Kit


This is a great kit to get you started, able to make great things and practice, practice, practice!

Included in your kit are:

Bench Pin with Clamp
German Saw Frame 4″
Cut Lube
2/0 saw blades (144)
Steel Bench Block with Rubber Base
Plier Value Flat
Plier Value Chain Nose
Plier Value Round Nose
Flush Cutter (Italian. awesome.)
Bracelet Mandrel Round
Bracelet Mandrel Oval
Ring Mandrel Round
Rawhide Mallet (USA Made)
12-In-1 Texture Hammer (great value with cool texture faces and utility faces)
Half/Round file (flat. flip. half round. flip. handy.)
Automatic Centerpunch

I can edit this list as necessary. There are specialty pliers, rivet hammers, letter stamps, stone setting tools, and so much more that it can get overwhelming all around. This kit is a nice set of tools to get you going and making great jewelry. You can edit and grow your tools by getting the best tools for what you're making instead of bunch of mediocre stuff that's great to look at but you never use!