Czech Glass “E” Bead Crystal Ghost Frosted


Material: Czech Glass

Color: Crystal Ghost

Item Size: 3.5-4.8mm tall, 2-3mm thick

Hole Size: 1.0MM

Luster-finish Czech glass size 6 “E” beads, approx. 3.5-4.4mm tall, 2-3mm thick. 600-900 beads per pack.

Other colors available: sapphire blue silverline, amethyst lustre, ruby lustre, Emerald Green Silverline, Blue Zircon Silverline, copper silverline, clear crystal silverline, Silver Metallic, dark olivine green, ruby silverline, translucent yellow ghost, blue zircon ghost, Strawberry Wine Translucent

If you would like to purchase multiple packs please let me know and I’ll adjust shipping for you.

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