Telesight Half Frame Magnifier


If you do not wear glasses, this is the perfect binocular magnifier for you. Lenses are high quality, prismatic, and the frame is lightweight for maximum comfort. The lenses flip up when not in use. This is an extremely practical method to view articles under magnification.

This hands free head magnifier will give you hours of use without eyestrain due to precision opthalmic prismatic lenses. The frame supplied with our Telesight head magnifier is optical quality and comfortable to wear. The lenses are hard coated for mar and scratch resistance. You will find that the hard coated lenses will produce a brighter image and reduces glare.

Used for reading , low vision, hobby and craft, jewelers and the electronic, medical and dental fields.

These #44 lenses will magnify 2x at a 10″ focal length. Also available:

#42   1.50X  @ 20″
#43   1.75X  @ 14″
#45   2.25X  @ 8″
#46   2.50X  @ 6″
#48   3.00X. @ 5″  $42


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Weight 8 oz